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Created by: Anonymous Area Code 4392
6 days

(+61) 0439268127

NSW Department of Primary Industry Training Manager number. Trusted number
Created by: مؤمن عبدالفادروالشيخ Area Code 9288
9 days

(+61) 092881

فق د ت صفحتي الموجود في
Created by: Anon Area Code 4973
13 days

(+61) 0497313473

The owner of this number is a meth head junky. He lives in townsville. Names troy. He tells big lies and best avoided or taken to the police station
Created by: Anonymous Area Code 4750
15 days

(+61) 04750933251

Pre-recorded message with threat to disconnect internet.
Created by: نبیله ابراهیمی Area Code 7745
18 days