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Created by: nz Area Code 2182
10 days

(+61) 0218296275

rang 8/01/2020 answered in Maori, there was an Asian voice on the other end talking to me.
Created by: Annie Area Code 4125
11 days

(+61) 0412504933

Some ugly slut ownes this number and will send ypur bf nudes even though the ugly cow skinned slut has a bf. Not that any relationship of hers lasts. She always gets in a new relationship just days la
Created by: Anonymous Area Code 4016
27 days

(+61) 040161

Nasty person
Created by: Derek Area Code 4206
1 months

(+61) 0420690462

Freight company, press numbers
Created by: Anonymous Area Code 4809
1 months

(+61) 0480977869

advertising stuff